Here is a list of recommendations that I personally use. On my list of recommendations you will never find a product or service that I haven’t tried myself or researched to no end!


I hope you find this list helpful. We hope to add more to our list of recommendations in the near future.



Saving and Investing

acorns appAcorns: Use the Acorns app to get your savings started. With Acorns, you link your credit/debit cards to your account when you make a purchase it rounds up to the nearest dollar and then deposits that amount into your savings. Example: You buy a coffee for $3.55, you then get $.45 added to your Acorns savings account. Simple as that! This is a great and effortless way to grow your savings account. READ THE FULL ACORNS REVIEW HERE.

Robinhood: A great way to get started in the stock market. Free and easy trading are the best benefits of Robinhood. Stop paying $7+ per trade when you can do it free with Robinhood. Great for experts and those who are new to the Stockmarket. I’ve seen a lot of brokerage firms lowering their trading cost. Maybe this is the start of a good thing.


Saving Money


Groupon: A great way to save money on dining, travel, goods, and more. Mostly accepted in large cities, so it’s great for those who live in or visit the big cities. They also offer some great deals on electronics, home goods, and more. Plus, they offer free shipping.

Ibotta: Earn cash back from the products you already buy from your local stores. Just upload your recipes after making a purchase (that’s advertised on the Ibotta app) and earn your cash back! You can check out my full Ibotta review here.


Ebates: Save money when making your online purchases. It’s so simple to do. Just go to and search for the store you are looking to make a purchase from. Click on that retailer and make your purchase as usual. You then earn the advertised percentage or amount being offered by that retailer. Ebates even have a sign-up bonus of $10, click here to claim your $10.



Boardbooster: A great way to get your pins out there for the Pinterest world to find. Tribes are a great way to get your pins noticed and get some interaction. I’ve had a lot of success with board booster. It’s only $5 per month (for the minimum plan, that’s what we currently use).

Tailwind: Another great tool for Pinterest. You can schedule your pins, track your board’s progress, how your pins are performing and more. You can also join tribes on Tailwind. I Highly recommend Tailwind. The cost is  $15 per month. Click here to get your first month FREE.

Dreamhost: Dreamhost is the company I chose to host my site. It’s great when you first start out or you’ve been at it for awhile. In the beginning, I was looking for something I didn’t have to drop a lot of cash on. I chose to pay $10.95 per month just in case I lost interest, or things didn’t work out. Interested? You can sign up here.

Canva: I use canvas to create about 90% of my blog titles, Pinterest graphics, and other items you see on my blog. I don’t use much of their free images, I find those below (at Deposit Photo or Unsplash). I put my whole image together using Canva and it’s a great tool.


Deposit Photo: If you’ve been following my blog for awhile you’ve noticed some changes. When I first began I was totally against spending money on my site unless I absolutely must! However, the more I surfed Pinterest and other blogs I have seen the same images over, and over again! That is so frustrating so I decided to drop a little cash. With Deposit Photo I pay $30 per month to download 30 images of my choice. They have a huge catalog to choose from.


Unsplash: If you don’t feel ready to drop cash on your images you can use Unsplash for some great quality photos for your site. No attribution required and you can download as many as you like.