Pinterest powerpack

Track your Pinterest Changes

Use the Life on the Loop Pinterest Powerpack to see how the changes you make impact your Pinterest engagement, blog traffic, and more.

Get the Pinterest Tracker, the Deleted Pins Spreadsheet, and the Group Board Tracker.

Comes in a pack of 3, download them all on one simple spreadsheet. Absolutely FREE.

Get Started with the Pinterest Tracker

Pinterest sporadically updates their analytical stats on their homepage. When they do, you should keep track of it. Download the easy to use Excel Spreadsheet to track your Pinterest Analytics. Pinterest tends to update your monthly views and engagement very sporadically. Document your growth with the Pinterest Tracker and keep notes.

Keep up with the Pins you delete.

Don’t blindly delete your Pins. Keep up with what you delete by documenting that Pins impressions and clicks. This is a good tool to find a trend on what’s working, and what’s not. You can also keep notes, and notate publsih and deletion dates.

Stop applying to the same Group Boards.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve applied to the same group board more than once. I don’t catch it until I’ve already sent the email, for the second time. Keep up with your group boards with this tool. You can track the group board name, owner, date, and niche. Plus, theirs a space for notes.

Tracking Progress puts you on track for Success

There is nothing more frustrating than writing down random notes all over the place just to lose them. Keep up with ALL your Pinterest information with these 3 Exel Spreadsheets. They’re all included for FREE in the Pinterest Tool Powerpack.