With most of the country taking precautions by isolating and quarantining it’s getting harder to find the essentials we normally take for granted. I’ve been scouring the internet for what feels like days looking for items I’m out of or almost out of. So, I figured I would make a master list of resources to get you through the pandemic.


Keep in mind that deliveries may be delayed, and items may be out of stock. My advice is to just keep checking their inventory for the items you need most. You may have to do this numerous times each day until you find what you need, but you’ve got this!


The retailers and small businesses below are doing their best to keep up with demand, so be patient and kind so everyone can just get through this unusual time.


where to get your household essentials, plus baby items, and more



Last Update: 3/21

Tips and reminders:

  • *Deliveries may be delayed, items may be out of stock.
  • *Do NOT order from retailers that you’ve never heard of, or at least do some research before ordering. Remember, if a deal is too good to be true, it probably is!
  • Some smaller retailers may currently be closed.
  • Do your best to avoid over purchasing (hoarding) items that are most in-demand. I know it can be tempting.
  • Be a helping hand to those who need it most, tip you delivery drivers they are working they’re ass off right now.
  • Know someone in the healthcare industry? Help them out by making them a meal, buying them a coffee, or even just walking their dog. – Please keep all contact within reason and follow your state’s current guidelines as well as the CDC.



Household Essentials & In-Demand Items

*Check online & In-Store, most stores show local inventory so check beforehand.



Baby Items



Paper Products/Hand Sanitizer

*These aren’t the most common places to find sanitizer and toilet paper, but they do carry these products. However, they may be out of stock so check their site often.


Order food online-get delivered to your house!


Buy Food Online



Pet supplies - stock up online and in store


Pet Food

  • Raw Wild Raw Dog Food
  • Ollie – Fresh Dog Food
    • 50% your first box – limited time offer


Save ways to save: