Whether you’re just jumping on the bullet journal bandwagon or you’re one of the bullet journal OG’s you can find something for you below, or tell me what I’m missing!



For those of you just starting your bullet journal don’t think you have to rush out and get ALL of these items. Start with your basics and add to your collection later. Chances are you’re going to be removing pages from your brand new bullet journal because A) you made a mistake B) you made a mistake or C) you made a mistake. On the list below you’ll find a * next to the items you. MUST have to start a successful bullet journal.



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*Bullet Journal

Looking for a budget-friendly bullet journal? This is a great one to start with, in fact, this was my very first bullet journal. Since then, I’ve accumulated quite a few and this one is still a great one! It includes a pen loop, elastic closure, and a back pocket.



*Brush Pens

Brush Pens are a staple in the bullet journal community. My favorites include these Tombow Dual Brush Pens. They come in a huge variety of colors, and if you’re into learning you can even blend these bad boys.

You don’t have to rush out and buy the Tombow Dual Brush pens you can start with something a little more basic such as the Crayola Super Tips. Another brush pen option includes these Tombow 62038 Fudenosuke Brush Pen, 2-Pack.




Stencils are GREAT for those who aren’t great at doodling, drawing straight lines or shapes. You can get a set of stencils for your bullet journal for just a few bucks. I personally use these stencils.



You can start with a traditional rollerball pen or you can use gel pens. Gel pens will give you a more crisp line compared to the rollerball. I also like using gel pens because they come in every color imaginable. If you do purchase gel pens I would recommend buying higher quality ones, we all know that cheap gel pens last about 3 days and then they are trash ( good ole’  middle school & high school days). I also like to write with my fine liners from time to time.

If you’re interested in some quality gel pens I would recommend these or these.




If you’re a perfectionist then a rule is a must! Even if you aren’t a perfectionist you may still want to use a ruler to draw your lines a little quicker. If I don’t have my ruler on hand I just use the edge of my stencils.





A pencil is a must when starting your bullet journal. You can draw up all of your doodles, lines, and wording with a pencil and once you get it to look exactly how you want just go back in with your markers.



A good eraser is crucial for erasing all of those pencil marks you made during the planning phase of your pages.




Washi Tape

Now, you don’t HAVE to use washi tape but it is a simple way to add more style to your bullet journal pages. I love that if I make a mistake I can just whip out my washi tape and cover it up. You can find thousands of different designed washi tape designs for every holiday, season, and color desired. You can find some really cute washi tape prints here.

If you’re just starting with Washi tape you can find a couple of cheap rolls at the Dollar Store, Walmart, or Target to get you started.


Page Tabs

If you’re big on organization I would recommend page tabs! A lot of journals actually come with a few to get you started but if you don’t like those or you need more you can always buy your own. I LOVE these ones.

Frugal Recommendation: If you’re starting your bullet journal on a budget just start with Post It notes and add them to the edges of your pages. This is an easy way to organize pages by colors and you can just write your labels directly on the sticky note.







Made a mistake? Simple, just add a stick to cover it up. What I love about stickers is that you can get stickers with virtually any design. I also like using stickers to add a little more detail and originality to my bullet journal.



White Pen

Now you don’t HAVE to get one of these when you first start your bullet journal be it is useful for small mistakes. You can also add more contrasting elements with a white gel pen against darker colors.

For a good quality white gel pen, I would recommend the Uni-Ball UM 153 Signo Broad Point Gel Pen.



What bullet journal items are a must-have for you? I’d love to know! Remember to check back for more on bullet journal supplies, reviews, and more.


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