The holidays are right around the corner! If you’re looking for some easy ways to make extra money during the holidays, check out these sell apps/websites to sell your unwanted goods for some extra cash.





Probably the most popular place to sell items on the internet. eBay is a great place to sell once you build up a few positive reviews on your profile.

The easiest way to get some quick reviews on your profile is to bite the bullet and sell items cheaper than you normally would. Once someone makes a purchase from you they will be happy with the product (be sure to clearly describe your item, it’s flaws, and overall condition) and price and hopefully leave you a great review.

What I love about selling on eBay: I love that I can choose my preferred way to sell my product. I can set a “Buy it Now” price, take an offer, or set up a bid. Be sure to put a minimum acceptable price on your bidding products, or start the bid at the minimum price you would accept. There is nothing worse than selling a great item for $1.04.

What I don’t like about eBay: It’s possible to get scammed (like almost every other selling site). Be sure to read reviews for both selling and buying. When I first started buying on eBay (before I had any ratings) a buyer wouldn’t even let me purchase their item because I had 0 reviews. Sucks for me, but I totally understand… especially after I started selling on eBay.



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A great place to sell your clothes, shoes, and accessories. When selling on Poshmark it’s important to only sell quality items, or your rating will reflect that. Most people on Poshmark are looking for quality items at a discount.

I’ve personally gotten some great deals when buying on Poshmark. I found a $300 pair of Dolce and Gabanna sunglasses for $50 in perfect condition.

What I love about selling on Poshmark: If I’m selling a new or like new item on Poshmark, and I take quality photos most of my items sell in 1-2 weeks! Which isn’t bad. If I take a picture in bad lighting or the item has flaws  95% of the time it won’t sell at all.

What I don’t like about selling on Poshmark: I DON’T like that each item has a shipping cost of $6.49 no matter the weight of the package (I guess this could be a positive or negative thing depending on what you’re selling). For that reason, I now sell on the Mercari app, and the seller fees are lower.

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Mercari is my all time favorite app to buy and sell! I’ve bought kids clothes, Apple watch bands, shoes, and fitness clothes! I’ve also sold quite a bit of items on there such as; a camera lens, a beer costume, kids clothes, and more.

Mercari does have some bad reviews when researched. Recommendation: while I’ve never been scammed on this app, I have seen reviews stating that they have been scammed. I recommend NOT selling expensive items on here. To me, it’s not a big deal to lose a few bucks on some smaller item things, but I would be highly upset if I spend 100’s of dollars and didn’t get what I ordered. Only buy/sell lower ticket items on this app.

What I love about selling on Mercari: I love that I can buy/sell just about anything on the Mercari App!

What I don’t like about selling on Mercari: I’m not sure if this happens to anyone else but sometimes it takes FOREVER for my pictures to upload.

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If you sell handmade or vintage items I would recommend using Etsy if you aren’t already. I have sold some vintage items on Etsy, I’ve made decent money but inventory is either hit or miss.

What I love about selling on Etsy: I love that Etsy is a platform for selling specific goods. It’s easy to find and sell unique items and it’s a great platform for people to grow their own business.

What I don’t like about selling on Etsy: The fees have gone up in the recent years, I don’t like that Etsy can raise their fees anytime they please, but hey that’s business.




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Craigslist – OfferUpLetgo VarageSale

These are great apps to use if you’re looking to sell items that are big, or you want to sell locally.

TIP: Always meet up in a local place in the daylight, and bring someone with you. If you ever have uneasy feelings about your buyer or seller, don’t meet them. It’s not worth it.

What I love about these apps: I love that I don’t have to pay fees to use these apps, and I get paid immediately after a sale.

What I don’t like about these apps: I don’t always feel comfortable meeting up with strangers. If it wasn’t for that, I would use these apps much more than I do.

Some other wayst to extra money include:

Driving for Uber

Renting your car on Turo

Sign up to deliver food with companies such as Bite Squad

Work a part time seasonal job


Want more ideas? Check out my post Part Time Income-Make money on the side HERE.




I’m sure that there are many more apps and websites for buying a selling. I haven’t used those apps, if I do in the future I will add them to this list.


What sites or apps do you use to sell your unwanted belongings? I’d love to know!