So, you’ve started a blog and now you’re looking to monetize it, but where do you start? I’ve looked all over the web and found some of the best affiliate programs for new bloggers, the OG’s and all the in between.




Check out these affiliate programs and find the one that fit’s your goals and niche.


Affiliate Companies


Each of these companies hosts a large number of merchants, you choose the merchants you want to work with and add the links to your blog (upon approval). Simple as that! Each merchant/business offers a different commission rate.







Refersion Marketplace

E-Commerce Affiliates



Flex Offers

Global Wide Media




Affiliate programs per company are directly through the company itself rather than an affiliate company (as seen above). This is a great option if you’re just looking to work with a couple of specific companies rather than a wide array.


Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is a GREAT way to get started with affiliate marketing. This is the first affiliate program I signed up with when I began my blog. Amazon has so many products available you’re bound to find something that pertains to your niche. Commisions vary by department, previous sales, and more. 

Payment Threshold: $10




Ebay is another large company that offers an affiliate program of their own, they have a great commission rate and a variety of products to choose from.

Payment Threshold: $10


eBay affiliate program


Groupon has a little something for everyone. You can make travel purchases, activities, tangible goods, and you can even find promo codes with Groupon.

Payment Threshold: $25

Commision: You can earn in a variety of ways, such as; revenue commissions, bounties, and bonuses. (Up to 10% commission).


Shopify offers HUGE commissions to their partners. Shopify is a great platform to promote if you’re currently using it, creating guides on using it, or if you can fit into your niche. 

Payment Threshold: $25



Dreamhost is the hosting provider I use for my blog, they have a great affiliate program.

Payment Threshold: $20

Commision: Earnings vary from $15 all the way up to $200.


Bluehost, we’ve all heard of them in the land of blogging. If you’re interested in the program here are the details below.

Payment Threshold: $100

Commision: $65 + per sale.


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I LOVE MAILERLITE! It’s so simple to use, and it’s also FREE for your first 1,000 subscribers.

Payment Threshold: $120

Commision: 30% RECURRING *receive 30% each month on revolving accounts.


Another great option for email marketing is ConvertKit. They are one of the biggest companies for handling your email marketing needs.

Payment Threshold: NONE

Commision: 30% RECURRING *receive 30% each month on revolving accounts.






Google AdSense

Chikita: Payout at $10, which is uncommon for ad programs.



*More to come, check back for updates.






Magic Links

One of my favorite programs to date! With Magic Links, you can easily turn your content into paid links! They work with over 3000 retailers, so you’re bound to find products to fit your niche. Magic Link has a commision based program and you also have the ability to utilize pay per click options.

Commission: Dependent upon the retailer.

ShopStyle Collective

ShopStyle Collective is a great way to learn the ropes of affiliate marketing. You can insert links into your blog posts, Instagram, and Pinterest account!

Commission: $.05 per click



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These aren’t necessarily considered “Affiliate programs” however, this is an easy way to earn on services you already use or are considering using. So if you aren’t using the services/companies below you definitely should go ahead… they won’t bite.

Referring to a friend using the provided link from each company is a great way to earn when your blog is rather new.

Deposit Photo

Deposit Photo is a great source for stock photography! You pay $30/month and get 30 photos! I also love that if you don’t use all your photos that month, they roll over to the following.

Payout: You will earn a 15% commission for every Pay-by-Credit or On Demand Downloads.


Acorns is a great app to get your savings account on track. You connect your credit/debit cards to your account and it deposits the rounded up amount of each purchase you make. For example, you buy a coffee for $5.50 after the roundup you put 50 cents into your Acorns savings account. You can read the full review HERE.

Payout: You will earn a $5 per referral.*Acorns often has promotions for the referrals such as “Refer 7 friends for $500”.


When I first became interested in the stock market I was taken aback by the cost to trade! With Robinhood, you don’t have to worry about trading costs, because there are none!


Elegant Themes

Elegant themes offer a wide variety of themes for your WordPress needs. You pay for the theme you would like to use, but what’s even better is that you can change your theme to any other theme they offer, for free. The theme I’m currently using (DIVI theme) is offered by Elegant Themes.

Payout: You will earn a 50% commission for every Pay-by-Credit or On Demand Downloads.

Creative Market

I love using the creative market for fonts, brushes, and more! Not only do they have beautiful designs that also have a generous affiliate program.

Create and Go

Create and Go is the course I used to learn about the wonderful world of blogging. It may be a little pricey but it’s absolutely worth it. Plus, they have an excellent referral program! You can read my complete review on the Build and Launch your blog course here.

Payout: 40%


Tailwind is a popular service/website used by a number of bloggers! You can schedule blog posts in advance so you don’t have to worry about manually posting each day!

Payout: 40%


We’ve all heard of Ebates at this point! You’ve heard it from your friends, your mama, and the TV. I personally use Ebates and it’s definitely worth the 3.5 seconds it takes to open the site and find your desired store. Ebates has a pretty generous referral program so you can earn even more!

Payout: $25 per qualified referral.


Swagbucks is a great way to earn a little cash in your free time by completing surveys, watching videos, and more. Refer your friends to earn even more.

Payout: $3 per referral.


Ibotta is a popular app for saving money on groceries. Make a qualified purchase, upload a photo of your receipt and you’re done!

Payout: varies




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Great for those beauty gurus out there! Sephora is one of the largest beauty stores in the world. If you can get an approval to work with Sephora, you’ll have endless opportunities. If you can’t get approved to work with Sephora consider using MagicLinks. You can still earn a commission with Sephora as well as 100’s of other stores.


Thrive Market

Thrive Market provides healthy items for every member of your family! They also provide natural cleaning products, and MUCH MUCH MORE. You can sign up with Thrive Market through or click here. Earn $20/referral after a customer makes their first purchase.



If you blog about crafts or vintage items, this is the perfect affiliate program for you! Etsy has a wide array of antiques and handmade goods for sale. They also sell digital products, photos, and more.



What affiliate programs do you use? If you see one that’s not on this list (that should be) let me know! If you have a company in mind that you would like to work with that hasn’t been posted here you can 1) Look on their website for affiliate information (usually on the bottom), OR 2) contact the company directly to ask about their affiliate program.