Whether it’s lack of time or just an overwhelming amount of crap lying around our homes often feel more cluttered than they actually are.




Check out these simple ways to declutter when you’re crunched for time.




It’s amazing how cluttered your area can feel with the trashcans filled to the brim. Freshen up the room by emptying the trash bin, adding baking soda to the bottom of the can and then putting in a fresh trash bag (bet you never thought you’d see the word “fresh”, and “trash” in the same sentence).



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Cleaning the counters in your kitchen, or bathrooms will help your space appear cleaner. Crumbs, toothpaste, and water can make your area look more disastrous than it actually is. Use a wet rag, Clorox wipes, or just a paper towel for quick clean.





Cluttered up mail on your counters, desk or shelves can quickly make your space look like it’s full of junk! Get rid of it ASAP! An easy way to eliminate the clutter of junk mail is throwing it away as soon as you get it. Be sure to shred mail that has sensitive information inside.

Have a little extra time? Throw out (or donate) these items to declutter your home:

  • Clothes that don’t fit
  • Shopping bags
  • Expired food
  • Old Movies and Books
  • Coupons that expired or you don’t need
  • Magazines
  • Random items in your junk drawer



Be sure to sweep AFTER you clean your counters. There is nothing worse than sweeping, wiping down counters, and then finding that you have to sweep AGAIN! Same goes for dusting if you’re going to dust be sure to do so before you sweep.



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Making your bed every morning is a great and productive way to start the day. It also helps the room look more put together and cleaner (even if it really isn’t). Plus, folding laundry on a made bed is much easier so you can see everything you have to put away.




When your space is dark and there’s a lack of natural light area can feel much more cluttered and claustrophobic. Plus, everyone can use some fresh air. Be sure to keep the screen on your windows, you don’t want the flies taking over your house.


What do you do to clean up in a hurry? I’d love to hear.




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Declutter in 10 Minutes or Less





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