Let’s face it, we all want beautiful skin. However, many of us aren’t following the necessary steps to achieve the skin we desire. After wearing makeup for hours it can leave our skin looking dull and unappealing.




It’s common knowledge that Asian women have beautiful skin and often look much younger than they actually are. So, shouldn’t we all follow their skin care routine? 10 steps is a lot of work to do EVERYDAY! However, in actuality, you don’t do the 10 steps EVERY SINGLE day.




Here’s the complete breakdown on the 10 step Korean skincare routine. I’ve also included higher-end items followed by budget-friendly products for each of the 10 steps.




Think of the oil cleanser as the wash before the wash, the pre-rinse, or the presoak. This takes all the dirt and grime (makeup) from your day and wipes it all away. What if you have oily skin? You still use the oil cleanser to pull out the impurities, in fact, an oil cleanser is great for oily skin.


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The foam cleanser is the deeper clean, it removes the rest of the makeup and grime that the oil cleanser didn’t get. Foams cleansers have a tendency to strip your face down completely, leaving it dry. That’s why it’s important to follow all the steps in this skin care regimen.


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Exfoliator is GREAT but it can also harm your skin if you’re using it too much, or if you’re being too rough in the process of using it. Exfoliator is only recommended to be used 2-3 times a week. If you have sensitive skin you should opt for using it 1-2 times per week.

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After cleaning your skin so many times it can often feel dry and stripped of beneficial oils and throw off the PH balance. That’s what the toner is for, it gets your PH back in check.

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Essence rejuvenates the skin and promotes new skin cells. It helps with fine lines as well as uneven skin tones. This is great for those with uneven skin tones.

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This is stronger the stronger big sister to the essence. It’s more concentrated and you can choose the serum or ampoule that fits your specific needs.



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No, you don’t have to do a mask every day! But I would recommend doing it at least 3 times a week. The mask is great for hydrating your skin, and yes it’s great for all types of skin.



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Show some love to your undereye area. It’s the most delicate area on your face and it also shows your age the quickest.

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This is your moisturizer, we all know we should use moisturizer daily. There’s no exception here with the 10 step Korean beauty routine.

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#10 SPF

SPF is probably one of the most important and beneficial things you can put on your skin. Sun damage is one of the most harmful things for your skin, but it’s also preventable. With SPF you should use it on all areas that are most commonly exposed to the sun.

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That’s a wrap! What do you think about this 10 step Korean skincare routine? Check back for my test to see if it actually works! I’ll be posting before and after pictures.

Another tip to help your skin; drink plenty of water every day!