Weddings are expensive! Between paying for your venue, wedding dress, food, flowers, and decorations you’re sure to be spending at least a few thousand dollars.


Here are some great ideas for your upcoming wedding to help keep some money in your pocket.


DIY Wall Decor from

How beautiful are these? Decorate your reception area with these beautifully bright paper flowers. Easy to make, and perfect for those on a budget. You can also make flowers incorporated into your desired color scheme.

wedding popcorn bar

DIY Wedding Popcorn Bar from A Bride on a Budget

Popcorn is one of the cheapest¬†things to buy for any occasion. Make it into something fun with this Wedding Popcorn Bar, it’s sure to stand out and please any crowd.

home made veil

Make your own Veil Tutorial by The Make your Own Zone

Check out this tutorial on making your own veil, it’s beautiful, easy to make, and great for your budget.


DIY Wood Flower Boutonniere by Down Redbud Drive

How cute is this? You can find all the directions above to make your own Wood Flower Boutonniere.


Elegant Wedding Table Decor on a Thrift Store Budget by The Small Stuff Counts

How beautiful is this set up? Check out these ways to save (above) and make your wedding look like you spent thousands.

Other ways to SAVE


Have family make one of their favorite dishes, or a dish of your choice and have a buffet-style dining atmosphere. This will save tons of money and you can use your budget on other things for the wedding.

Wedding Dress

Borrow a wedding dress, look at local consignments shops, or even rent your wedding dress. This is the best way to save. Why spend thousands of dollars on a dress you’re only going to wear for one day?


Make your own invitations. You can get premade invitations from Amazon or Target and address them to your guests.


Look for new photographers that are trying to make a name for themselves. You can search on Facebook or Craigslist and usually book them for about 50% off a professional photographer while still getting great photos. Be sure to look at their portfolio first.


Save money by making your own directions, checking out the dollar store, local craft store, or Amazon.


Don’t pay full price for your getaway, check out Living Social or Groupon for your upcoming getaway.

How do you plan on saving money when it comes to your wedding? I’d love to know!