We all want to lower our monthly bills, but where do you begin? Here are some easy ways to lower 5 monthly bills and keep some money in your pocket.






Lower your phone bill! Are you paying for services you don’t need or use? Check your account to make sure you aren’t paying for GPS, and unlimited texting (if you don’t text often).      You can also call the phone company to see if you can change your phone plan to save a few bucks. When I switched my AT&T plan to unlimited I saved $20 a month! That’s $240 a year!

Tip: If you can afford to buy your phone outright it will save money in the long run. Paying $30+ a month for your phone will cost more than just buying it outright. Plus, most of the time people turn in that phone for a new model so you’re only paying money each month to “borrow” a phone. If you buy your phone you can sell it later and put that towards your new phone!

Looking to sell your current phone? Check out these companies for a free quote!


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Are you overpaying for insurance? Shop around for your car insurance, renters or homeowners insurance, and any other insurance you may need. Be sure to read reviews on insurance providers before switching. Not all companies and coverages are the same.




If you don’t watch much TV and you’re still paying 100 a month for cable, stop! You may be locked into a contract with that company but that doesn’t mean you can’t lower your package choice. Cable package prices usually range from $25 to $125 a month!

If you aren’t locked into a contract you can check out these options to save money on cable and satellite here.



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If you live in an area with decent internet quality consider lowering the speed to save a few bucks. Internet prices in my area vary from $30 up to $150. Keep in mind that you can always lower the speed and if it doesn’t work out for you just switch it back to the original speed.




Just like insurance, it’s important to shop around for the best electric company. Shop around to get the best rates in your area. Also, be aware of how much electricity you’re using. Turn off the lights before you leave the room, unplug unnecessary items, and keep the AC off when you don’t need it.




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Extra Tip

If you’re going out of town lower your internet speed, and cable packages to the minimum available. This will help save. Plus, being gone will help you save on electricity. Just be sure to turn everything off before you leave town.


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5 bills you can lower now