Summer is here, and the kids are bored. Imagine that! Now you’re scrambling around trying to figure out how to keep the kids occupied without losing your mind.



One fun activity you can do with the kids is to create your own summer bucket list!



Make the bucket list itself into a project to do with the kids! We made our list, and got creative! Check it out.



Materials we used:

Poster Board


Icon Stickers

Letter Stickers

Washi Tape

I purchased ALL of these items from target for around $20


  1. Create your bucket list on a sheet of paper. When compiling your list be realistic. Their’s only so many days of summer, and chances are you aren’t going to want to do some crazy activity every single day of summer. We put 50 items on our list. Make your total number a number that will look appropriate in rows. For example, 5 rows of 5, 5 rows of 10, 10 rows of 10 (for you overachievers).
  2. Put your stickers at the top of the poster board for your “Summer Bucket List” if you want to name it something different, that’s cool too. You could also use stencils.
  3. Make proportioned rows for each item on your bucket list. The best way to do this is by using a pencil and erasing later on.
  4. Add the washi tape around the border of the poster board.
  5. Place a sticker in each row to mark an item on your bucket list
  6. Write in your bucket list items
  7. Erase your lines
  8. Hang it up, enjoy!

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Here’s the complete list of Summer Bucket List item we put on our board:

Here are a few options to consider when making your Summer Bucket List:



Here’s my completed bucket list. Remember to include things that you may do often, this will make the kids feel more accomplished when it comes to their bucket list!

Have a great summer!