Every month you prepare your budget to prepare financially. We tend to forget to add the small things on our monthly budget worksheet.




Here are a few of the items that are mostly overlooked on our budget worksheets. Don’t forget to add these to avoid scrambling financially at the end of each month.




Be sure to put the cost of you and your family’s haircuts in your budget. This is where a lot of people mess up. My husband gets a haircut every week, so it’s important for us to keep up with those costs.

If you don’t get a haircut every week you may be paying for other services like hair color, nails, or even massages.




Gas is probably one of the most commonly overlooked monthly expense out there. You’ve budgeted your monthly vehicle payment and insurance, but don’t forget the gas.

Ask yourself, how much does it cost to fill up your gas tank? And how often do you fill it up each month? Add that number to your monthly budget worksheet.




I seem to always forget about adding Netflix to my monthly budget worksheet. Yes, it’s cheap. However, you should keep track of ALL recurring monthly expenses.overlooked monthly expenses

If you aren’t using your Netflix account, or you rarely use it. Just cancel it, theirs no point in paying for something you don’t use.




If you get carwashes pretty often, include those in your monthly budget also. Luckily for my budget, my car is filthy! So, I get a car wash every other month, and on occasion, my husband will wash my car for me.

If you do get carwashes weekly or more than once a week, it would be a good idea (financially) to wash your car yourself. Invest in a Shop-Vac and a pressure washer, soap, and you’re good to go!



Monthly Gaming Fees

Do you or someone in your family pay for monthly gaming fees? These are another common monthly fee we often forget to budget.

Put these in your monthly budget or save some money in the long run and pay for a full year of gaming up front. This way you don’t have to worry about the monthly fee, and you’ll save some money.



Recreational Activities

Be sure to set aside a specific amount in your monthly budget for recreational activities. We all need to let loose and relax, after all your hard work you also need some play time.

One of my favorite places to search for recreational activities is Groupon.



Dining Out

I’m guilty of this one! I often forget to budget out dining out expenses. It can be hard to know exactly how much you will spend for the month on dining out. A good way to manage this budget is by estimating you eat out 3 times per week and taking the average you spend that week and multiplying it by 4.

If you are trying to stick to a strict budget, it’s almost always cheaper to eat at home. Allow yourself some leeway though, put a little bit of money in your monthly budget for this.



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Monthly Maintenance Fees

Do you pay someone to mow your lawn, or change your vehicle’s oil? If so, you should be including this in your monthly budget. Especially if you pay monthly service fees every single month.

What other monthly expenses do you often overlook? Don’t scramble at the end of each month to make ends meet. Know your financial outlook before the month even begins.



What monthly expenses do you often forget about? I’d love to know!