Alright guys, I finally did it! I pulled the trigger and bought my first blogging course! I was sweating bullets, thinking to myself, “is the course worth it? will it help me?”. I’m not gonna lie, I was putting off buying the course. Then I just did it! I was feeling like my blog was going nowhere, and I needed some guidance as to what to do next. Yes, my blog was already launched. However, I wasn’t happy with the way my blog came together.







After Googling until my fingers were bloody, (just kidding Y’all) I came across the Build and Launch your Blog Course created by Alex and Lauren from Create and Go. I’m not gonna lie, I was, of course, skeptical at first. What do these people have to offer? Where are they on the blogging journey.



Build and Launch Your Blog



Alex and Lauren have seen both failures and success, which in my opinion is a great thing. You learn from your failures and make changes. Their successes have been huge. They run a large health and wellness blog called, “Avocadu”. They went from 0 to 500,000 visitors per month, and they now make over $100,000 each month and now run 2 successful blogs! Now that sounds like someone I would like to learn from.



Create and Go



Overview of the Build and Launch your Blog Course 

This course covers everything from hosting, to how to create different types of blog posts. If you’re struggling to get your blog launched, or if you’re interested in starting your first blog, this course gives you the ins and outs of doing just that. Learn how to navigate WordPress, and launch your blog in 1 Month or Less.

Here are a few of their stats when they launched their Avocadu blog: 

By the third month, they had 300,000 + visitors and quit their jobs

By the end of the 6th month, they made over $17,000!

Then, they launched Create and Go in less than 14 days!




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My first day of Build and Launch your Blog Course

Ok, so I paid for the course and I was so excited and anxious to dive right it. Keep in mind I had already started my blog, however, I wanted to start from the beginning and get the most out of the course. I bought the Pro Blogger Bundle by the way, and Launch your Blog was the first course in the bundle.

Once I started, I realized that there were a few things I already knew, but there was also A LOT of information that I knew nothing about. Which is great, because I was learning. I began by slowly implementing the information on my blog. I actually shut my whole blog down for a week just to implement the changes I thought would be beneficial. I loved the fact that they recommended Plugins, tools, and more in order to make my blog a success. That’s the most overwhelming part of blogging in my opinion. Theirs so many tools and Plugins it’s hard to know where to begin.






What I like most about this course

I like the layout of the course and how everything was broken down into segments. The course is taught in video format and they have PDF’s available to review and download if you choose. I even listen to the videos while I’m driving from time to time.  The layout begins with Tools and Downloads to get you started, and then goes onto the following subjects:



  • Introduction
  • Strategies, Objectives, and Expectations
  • Navigating and Understanding WordPress
  • WordPress Themes
  • Theme Tutorials
  • Perfecting Your Blog’s Visual Appeal
  • Blog Content Strategy
  • Email Marketing Introduction and Setup
  • Email Collection
  • Writing Emails
  • Skills, Hacks, and Resources for Beginner Bloggers (Below you can find an example of how the layout is set up). This is how each section is set up.
  • Current News and Updates
  • Setting Up Social Media
  • Launch
  • Bonus Videos
  • BONUS Videos from Make Money Blogging for Beginners Training
  • BONUS Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Training (Which I highly recommend)
  • Become an Affiliate




You also get the Launch your Blog in 1 Month Checklist AND The perfect welcome Email FREE with the course





What else do I like about this course?

My favorite feature is that you get Lifetime Acces and Updates. For example, with the GDPR updates, they’ve updated the course to inform you on their views of GDPR. I also like that the information I’m looking for is all right here in this course. I don’t have to search all over the internet for information that’s either A) outdated B) WRONG or C) not what I’m looking for. I also like how they go into detail on formatting your blog posts, how to begin in email marketing, and what type of blog posts you should begin with.


How this course could be improved

The only thing that I think could be improved on with this course the group access via Facebook. I wish the group was a little more active. Don’t get me wrong, there are people communicating, but I wish people talked more about their experiences and progress.


Do I recommend the Build and Launch your Blog Course

Absolutely. Even if you’ve already launched your blog you could learn more information and incorporate it into your current blog, or even start a new blog. Like I said before, I had already launched my blog and I still utilized the course. If you want to learn how to do things correctly, I suggest following in the footsteps of those who’ve already done so. If you’re on the fence about purchasing the course or even starting your first blog my best advice would be JUST DO IT! Yes, you’ve heard it time and time again, but it’s true. Believe in yourself and get the ball rolling, stop putting it off.


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Are there any other courses besides Build and Launch your Blog?

Yes! They offer classes for every stage of your blogging journey. Plus, we can all stand to learn in any aspect of our lives. I purchased the Pro Blogger Bundle which included all of the courses they offer. The courses include:


Build and Launch your Blog

Make Money Blogging for Beginners

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

Six Figure Blogger

Pro Blogger Bundle (includes all 4 courses)


Check back for a full review on each of these courses. I’m almost done with the Pinterest Traffic Avalanche Class, which I highly recommend. I just started implementing their suggested strategies and I’ve already seen some great progress.


If you’re interested in the Build and Launch your Blog course you can check it out here.