I’m back for my second-month update! I know, I know.. you wanna hear how much I made! Well, you guessed it $0! I’m actually in the red.. yep sad face here!

Just kidding, guys! I’m not sad. Why? Because I’ve made some serious progress this month in the areas that matter most to me. Growth!

second month of blogging


Social Media


Oh, the wonderful world of Facebook. I cannot stand facebook. The whole platform feels so disorganized too, one moment I’m seeing funny videos, the next I’m seeing the news, followed by pictures of family members. I’ve deleted my Facebook account for my blog.

May Goal:  NONE, peace out Facebook!

Pinterest: Goal 200- (Actual 157)

Pinterest has been my number one source of traffic to my blog. I’ve put a lot of work into my Pinterest account. I did not meet my goal this month. (I’m ok with not meeting my follower goal with Pinterest. My monthly views went up to 125k at one point, however, I am currently making changes and seen a temporary decrease). 

May Goal: 200

Twitter: Goal 500- (Actual 538)

I have a love-hate relationship with Twitter. I get a lot of followers on my Twitter account, which is great. However, I don’t get much traffic from Twitter. Honestly, I haven’t been too active on the social media platform lately. 

May Goal: 600

Instagram: Goal : 900- (Actual 838)

I didn’t meet my goal for Instagram which is ok. My Instagram isn’t really related to my blog, it’s just a way for my readers to connect with me as a human being. 

May Goal: 900 


My blog goals and strategies have changed significantly this past month. I’ve seen quite a bit of up and downs, but hey I’m still learning so that’s ok.

Tools I used this month- paid and unpaid:


BoardBooster: I found Boardbooster when I was researching ways to grow my Pinterest account. It’s been a great tool to increase my re-pin rate and the number of views I’ve had each month. Cost: $5/month.

Utilization: I use board booster to post my pins to “tribes”. To get into “tribes” you apply to the ones you’re interested in. Once approved you can post your pin to that tribe for it to be re-pinned by others, and you contribute my pinning others. Luckily, the pinning process is simple. You don’t have to manually pin other people’s pins, Boardbooster does this for you. Other tools Boardbooster has to offer:

  • Looping, “Looping helps you revive the older pins that you created or curated before you gained most of your followers. Chances are, some of the boards that you started a long time ago have hundreds of pins by now, and most of your current followers have never seen those pins. The easiest way to bring those pins back to life is re-pinning them to the same board. Looping can automate this process for you.”
  • Campaigns, “Random Campaigns make it easy to promote your existing pins on group boards, Scheduled Campaigns publish pins with precise control over sequence and timing, which can help promote brand new pins, and Pin Sourcing Campaigns help you grow your boards by re-pinning the most successful pins from other people’s boards.”
  • Scheduler: “Scheduler can help you publish pins to your personal boards or group boards.”
  • Boardbooster also has a number of reports to track your growth, they also offer maintenance tools.

For the month of April I left quite a few tribes, a lot of my Pins weren’t getting repinned and the tribes seemed spammy. second month of blogging

Tailwind: Another great tool for growing my Pinterest account. You can opt for the free version or the paid version. Cost: $0 I am currently using the free version but I plan to upgrade for the month of April. The cost is $15/month. Tailwind also has a number of great tools to help you grow your Pinterest account and ultimately your blog.

  • With Tailwind you can also join tribes, however, you can only be in 5 tribes at once, and you can only pin 30 pins to your tribes each month.
  • Schedule your pins from Tailwind. This is a great option to avoid flooding Pinterest all at one time.
  • Monitor your domain by insights and organic activity. This is a great tool in my opinion.
  • Track your brand page by profile performance, and board insights.
  • Optimize your content with the pin inspector.

I‘ve been tracking more insights on Tailwind! This has been helpful in deciding which group boards to stay with and which ones I should leave.

Premium Theme: Probably my best investment yet. With my premium theme, I got quick support and the ability to customize my website how I please. The theme is the foundation to your blog, so it pays to go above and beyond in this department. Cost: $55 I used the Hoot Ubix Premium theme. 

April: If you checked out my blog previously it’s obvious I’ve made quite a few changes! I changed the whole layout, theme, and the images.

Why did I make the changes?  I felt like my blog was starting to look too much like everyone else blog. I wanted mine to be more original and stand out amongst the crowd. 

New Premium Theme: Divi Theme, I LOVE THIS THEME! 

Why I love the Divi Theme:

Easy installation, I’m definitely no computer/internet guru. So having a theme that installs seamlessly is a great thing for this girl!

Easy to customize the areas of the blog I want to. You can drag and drop, change fonts, colors, and sizes.

The price, I only paid $90 for the Divi theme which in my opinion is a steal!

If you’re interested in this theme you can check it out here (this is my affiliate link by the way). I could earn a small commision for any sales via this link. As always though guys, I would NEVER recommend something I didn’t stand behind or believe in. They also have other themes to choose from.

Grammarly: This one is great, I installed it on my toolbar. So anytime I make a spelling or grammatical error it lets me know. This is great for anyone really, bloggers or someone just sending an email.


life on the loop traffic

So, on to traffic, the one thing all bloggers focus on. Myself included. I know I shouldn’t focus so much on traffic, but that’s hard for me to do. I’m not so concerned about the amount of traffic each month but I do want an increase each month. This shows me that my hard work is paying off.

March: 632

April: 1084

I’m SO PROUD of my March to April increase in traffic. My goal for April was 1000 views. I believed that’s doable and modest.

April: 1084 

The goal for MAY: 1100 (my site was down for a whole week while I was making changes so that definitely affected my traffic for the month).

NOTE: For the month of April I put a lot of focus on Pinterest, and research.


Monthly costs for my second month of blogging:

Come on guys, blogging isn’t FREE (well not serious blogging anyway). I do have monthly expenses. If you’re reading this and thinking about starting a blog but you don’t want to spend money on it, I’ve been there. My advice, just do it. I see many blogger advertising Bluehost which is a great hosting site but in my opinion expensive when just starting out. Instead, I went with Dreamhost. I pay per month instead of dropping hundreds of dollars upfront. This is a great way for people to get their feet wet when it comes to blogging. You can cancel your hosting plan at any time. If you’re interested you can click here and get a limited time discount!

Dreamhost: $10.95– A monthly plan is a great option for those who don’t want to spend hundreds up front. You can sign up here if you’re interested. 

Boardbooster: $5 I use board booster to add my pins to a number of tribes in order to get more traction. The more visibility for your pins the more potential for traffic you get. 

Tailwind: $15 I use tailwind to schedule my pins and track my progress. It’s been a great tool for me as far as Pinterest goes. A good chunk of my traffic comes from Pinterest so it’s definitely worth the investment for me. 

Deposit Photo: $30 Stock photos are so expensive. However, it’s worth it from time to time in order to stand out in the crowd. I use the monthly plan and pay $30 for 30 photos. 

Canva: $13  Canva has a free version and a paid version. I opted to go with the paid version because it saves me quite a bit of time. I can resize and download on transparent backgrounds with the paid version. 

[xyz-ihs snippet=”blogging-tools-opt-in-at-bottom-of-relevant-posts”]

TOTAL: $ 73.95

Income for the month of March: 0

TOTAL: $5.25 

Where I stand for my second-month blogging- April: $-73.95

Overall I’m happy with my second month of blogging. I’ve seen an increase in traffic, which is an important factor when trying to build a successful blog.

Time spent for the month of April: Over 40 hours a week

Goals for May:

Continue producing quality content, learning more about Pinterest, and not feeling overwhelmed by the workload. When I’m dedicated to something I become so hyper-focused that I put everything else on the back burner. Side note: I need to get out of my pajamas and put some real clothes on. It’s noon!

Advice: If you are just starting your blog your first few months blogging the hardest part. You have to learn, make mistakes, and grow. Don’t give up.

Anything you want me to add to this report? Let me know!