We can all stand to save a little money on groceries. Even if you don’t necessarily need to save the money, think about saving and using the money towards something else, such as; rent, clothing, or anything else you’ve been wanting.


Check out these simple ways you can save on your monthly grocery bill. Utilizing more than one option below increases your savings significantly.



One of the most popular Apps to save money. How it works: Find the offers you’re interested in before your shopping trip. Purchase those items you have offers for in your Ibotta App. You then Upload your receipt showing that you purchased the items found in your Ibotta offers. Ibotta is supported by about 280 stores, so theirs a lot of options for you to cash in on available offers.


 Saving Star

Very similar to Ibotta, Checkout 51, and Berry Cart. Check out the available offers, shop for the offer to receive your cash back incentive. Lastly, upload your receipt to redeem your cash back! Simple as that. save on groceries

Checkout 51

Similar to Ibotta. Checkout 51 works with a number of retailers so you can earn more money back! Save the offers you want, upload your receipt for proof of purchase to redeem your cash back. Cash out at $20! $20 may seem like a lot but you’ll get there before you know it.

Berry Cart

Find the best deals on healthy, organic, and gluten-free options. After you make a purchase of an item they have cash back offers for on their app you just upload a photo of the receipt to earn your cash back. Berry Cart is also partnered with 100,000 locations!

Receipt Hog

With Receipt Hog you can upload a receipt from anywhere and earn cash back. It’s simple and effortless. Once you upload a number of receipts and meet the minimum threshold for a payout you can then choose a reward.

You can choose from an Amazon Gift Card OR a PayPal payout:

1000 coins= $5

2900 coins= $15

4300 coins= $25

6500 coins= $40


With Paribus you can stop worrying about paying too much for an item, and then the price drops. Don’t you hate that feeling! It drives me crazy. Paribus monitors you receipts sent to your inbox and reimburses you for the price difference in theirs a price drop. It also monitors your Amazon account. This is a great passive way to earn money back without doing a thing.

What stores does Paribus work with? Here are a few popular ones they list on their site:


-Old Navy



amazon prime pantry

Limited time only

Amazon Prime Pantry

Amazon Pantry can be a great way to find deals on food and household items. Occasionally they run specials, for instance: Buy 5 items in a specific category and save $6! What’s even better is the items are delivered directly to your home. How cool is that?


Instead of cutting out traditional coupons one by one just print the ones you want. Search through the database and select your desired item, print them, and bring them to the store. You can find a lot of variety on coupons.com


Another great site to find coupons. Print them before your upcoming grocery trip. TIP: If you don’t have a printer at home you can pay a small fee to print at your local library. Also, for those who live in apartment complexes or condos you can use your business center if it’s available to you.


 Similar to Coupons.com, you can print coupons before your upcoming shopping trip. Use the two coupon sites to find deals on the items you use often. It’s a great way to save.

Coupon Surfer

Coupon Surfer is another great option for those looking to print coupons before their upcoming shopping trip.


Thrive Market

A great online option for those who are looking to save on organic/healthy options for the family. Some items are cheaper than whole foods and other organic stores. It’s hard to find good deals in the health food market so this is a great site to check out. Plus, you can save 20% on your first 3 orders, and $49 purchases get you free shipping.

Other tips: 

Buy Frozen

Buying items frozen may be a turn off for some, but it’s a great way to reduce waste and in turn, save money. I often buy fruits and vegetables frozen because mine tend to go bad before I use them.

Buy Store brand items

Don’t buy the name brand items. Save a few bucks and go with the off-brand. In most cases, they taste the same and cost much less.

Buy in Bulk

With big box stores such as Sams or Costco, you can buy in bulk to save a little money. I find that it’s best to research your local prices before making purchases in bulk. Make sure that buying in bulk is really saving you money. Living in Hawaii I utilize Sams Club just to save money on gas, the savings with gas alone pays for the membership.


Eat leftovers the following day for either lunch or dinner (or both). It saves a lot on groceries, and you get to skip a day of cooking!

Sunday Paper

Just like mom used to do! On most Sunday’s you can find coupon inserts and clip out the coupons you want to use on your next shopping trip.


What way’s do you utilize to save on groceries? Let me know! Everyone is always looking for extra ways to save, let’s help each other out!