Harsh, I know. Sometimes we need to hear the truth in life. While it may sting in the beginning it helps us later. So read through this list of why your blog won’t be successful and make the necessary changes.



Why won’t your blog be successful? Are you guilty of any of these 16 reasons:




  • You’re using a free blogging site: You CANNOT monetize on blogger or the free version or WordPress (properly). If you’re serious about blogging you MUST get a domain name and a hosting service. I recommend Dream Host. Why? Because if you aren’t ready to commit to dropping a lump sum of cash you can pay per month and cancel at any time. You can sign up HERE and get 40% off! Pay only $5.78 per month. For a limited time only.
  • No money has been invested: Quit avoiding investing money into your blog, whether it be with hosting, plug-ins, or even themes. Have you ever heard, “it cost’s money to make money?” Well in the world of blogging, this is true. You will at some point have to put money into your blog. Start with #1 and slowly invest money. TIP: During your first month, find your domain name and your host. Each month thereafter invest in something else for your blog.




  • You don’t have the time: If you don’t have the time to invest in your blog, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Either commit 100% or quit while you’re ahead. Harsh, I know. Why would you wanna start something you don’t have the time do to anyways?
  • You aren’t dedicated: If you don’t have a schedule, a plan, or a purpose for your blog it’s not going to be successful. Just like anything we do, if you aren’t dedicated to it, you won’t find success.
  • Blogging is a hobby: If you write as a hobby without implementing affiliates, sponsors, or products then it’s obvious that your blog won’t generate income. NOTE: A hobby blog is great if it’s just that.. a hobby.why your blog won't be successful
  • You have no affiliates or other sources of making money: For those who aren’t familiar with blogging, the money doesn’t find you. You find the money. You need to search for sponsors, affiliates, product integration and more. Without a monetization plan, you will NOT make money. 
  • You’re distracted: It’s easy to get distracted. Do you find yourself surfing the web? Watching TV? Instead of doing those things.. you should be writing, researching, and marketing your brand. 
  • You’re indecisive: If you can’t decide the direction your blog should go or you can’t decide on simple things when it comes to your blog then you should wait. Wait until you have a plan, a vision, and a goal.
  • Your blog has too much going on: One day you write about finances, and the next day you write about taking your kids to the zoo.. what’s your goal? Are you a lifestyle blog, or a finance blog? You need to view yourself as the reader. What will my reader think of this? Will it confuse them or interest them? Yes, Life on the Loop has multiple niches but it’s important to choose about blogging about your personal life or a information that helps your readers. Most of my blog posts are targeted towards what’s trending, popular topics, reviews, and problem solving.
  • The content isn’t good:  Ask yourself this question? Would you want to read YOUR content? Do you think it’s good? Do you just throw content together without thinking about it? Advice: Once your article or post is complete STOP don’t publish it. Wait 2-3 days and re-read it, make corrections, and make changes. 
  • You aren’t utilizing SEO: If you just asked yourself, “what is SEO?” You shouldn’t be blogging. Research, and research some more and then begin your game plan. 
  • You’re discouraged: Don’t be discouraged. We all go through periods of being in a rut. Rule #1: DON’T COMPARE YOURSELF TO SOMEONE ELSE. Anyone would become discouraged doing this. It’s not a good habit. Be confident in yourself, and your work.
  • No social media presence: If you’re not utilizing social media to promote your content, you’re making a huge mistake. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and even Instagram are good platforms. Focus on the ones you feel confident in, and utilize those ones. 
  • You don’t do your research: Are you writing about something that no one searches for, or no one cares about? Do you know the answer to this question? If you did your research you would know the answers to these questions. Use a keyword planner, scope your keywords, and know who your competition is.
  • Your posts are too short: I’ve made this mistake. When I first started I published a 200-word post! Why?! I felt that it was enough, so I published it. WRONG. You cannot convey a point or topic in under 500 words, some experts even say 1000 words. Again, this comes to research. Which is performing better in your arena? The 500-word post, or the 1000 word post?
  • You don’t take yourself seriously: Honey, fake it till you make it! That’s been my motto with blogging, a 9 to 5 job, and other areas of my life. Some people may think I’ve been doing something for years, but in actuality, I’ve never done it before. Take your blog seriously, make it your baby and be confident.


Why your blog won’t be successful-What to take from all of this: 

  • Invest in your blog (time and money).
  • Take your blog seriously.
  • Be confident in your work.
  • Do your research.
  • Have a goal. Better yet, have multiple goals


Check out the tools I use, and what tools have been working for me here.

Are you guilty of the 16 reasons why your blog won’t be successful?!


The best equity is sweat equity. 


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