You’ve seen it time and time again, another income report. Aren’t you curious how they got there? How did things look for the blogger in the beginning? Did they just wake up with 100,000 views one morning? Here’s how my first month of blogging went.


first month of blogging

I wish I could tell you I made $10,000 my first-month blogging, but I didn’t! Did I make any money at all? Check out the breakdown, goals, and more below.

First and foremost let’s get into my social media goals, I accomplished most of my goals, but not all.

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Goals for the month of March:



Facebook: GOAL- 50. Result: 39 April Goal: 80

With Facebook most of my following came from blogging groups and connecting with people. I didn’t log on daily to Facebook. My goal for the month of April is 80.


Pinterest: GOAL- 100. Result: 103 April Goal: 200

Pinterest is probably my favorite means of attracting traffic and followers. I log on daily to Pinterest to pin other people’s pin and my own. This defiantly shows in my results. The goal for the month of April is 200. 

Twitter: GOAL-200. Result: 376 April Goal: 500

I’m relatively new to twitter so after figuring out how it works I became pretty good at connecting with others. I smashed this months goal on Twitter, and I connected with a lot of great people. The goal for April is 500. 


 Instagram: GOAL-700. Result: 822 April Goal: 900



So I reached my goal with Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter by a long shot. I need to work on my Facebook following. To be honest, Facebook isn’t my thing so I think that had a lot to do with my goal.


Tools I used this month (March) paid and unpaid:


BoardBooster: I found Boardbooster when I was researching ways to grow my Pinterest account. It’s been a great tool to increase my re-pin rate and the number of views I’ve had each month. Cost: $5/month.full month blogging

Utilization: I use board booster to post my pins to “tribes”. To get into “tribes” you apply to the ones you’re interested in. Once approved you can post your pin to that tribe for it to be re-pinned by others, and you contribute my pinning others. Luckily, the pinning process is simple. You don’t have to manually pin other people’s pins, Boardbooster does this for you. Other tools Boardbooster has to offer:

  • Looping, “Looping helps you revive the older pins that you created or curated before you gained most of your followers. Chances are, some of the boards that you started a long time ago have hundreds of pins by now, and most of your current followers have never seen those pins. The easiest way to bring those pins back to life is re-pinning them to the same board. Looping can automate this process for you.”
  • Campaigns, “Random Campaigns make it easy to promote your existing pins on group boards, Scheduled Campaigns publish pins with precise control over sequence and timing, which can help promote brand new pins, and Pin Sourcing Campaigns help you grow your boards by re-pinning the most successful pins from other people’s boards.”
  • Scheduler: “Scheduler can help you publish pins to your personal boards or group boards.”
  • Boardbooster also has a number of reports to track your growth, they also offer maintenance tools.

Tailwind: Another great tool for growing my Pinterest account. You can opt for the free version or the paid version. Cost: $0 I am currently using the free version but I plan to upgrade for the month of April. The cost is $15/month. Tailwind also has a number of great tools to help you grow your Pinterest account and ultimately your blog.

  • With Tailwind you can also join tribes, however, you can only be in 5 tribes at once, and you can only pin 30 pins to your tribes each month.
  • Schedule your pins from Tailwind. This is a great option to avoid flooding Pinterest all at one time.
  • Monitor your domain by insights and organic activity. This is a great tool in my opinion.
  • Track your brand page by profile performance, and board insights.
  • Optimize your content with the pin inspector.

Premium Theme: Probably my best investment yet. With my premium theme, I got quick support and the ability to customize my website how I please. The theme is the foundation to your blog, so it pays to go above and beyond in this department. Cost: $28 I currently use the Hoot Ubix Premium theme. 


Traffic (Reminder: March was my first FULL month of blogging):


So on to traffic, the one thing all bloggers focus on. Myself included. I know I shouldn’t focus so much on traffic, but that’s hard for me to do. I’m not so concerned about the amount of traffic each month but I do want an increase each month. This shows me that my hard work is paying off.

February: 66

March: 632

April: 19 (Today is April 1st)

I’m pretty proud of my February to March increase in traffic. My goal for April 1000 views. I believe that’s doable and modest.

Traffic Breakdown: 

Organic: 18

Pinterest: 115

Twitter: 25

Facebook: 38

Instagram: 20

The other traffic came from Reddit, Quora, commenting on others blogs, and more.

NOTE: This month (April) I’m going to put more focus on SEO, building backlinks, Pinterest, and Facebook. For keywords, I’m using Ahrefs, which is a great tool in my opinion. I used the 7 day trial for $7. For the monthly membership, the cost is $82 a month which is more than I want to pay at the moment. Maybe in the future.


Monthly costs for my first month of blogging:

Ahrefs: $7

Dreamhost: $10.95– A monthly plan is a great option for those who don’t want to spend hundreds up front. You can sign up here if you’re interested. 

Boardbooster: $5

TOTAL: $22.95



Amazon Associates: $3

ShopStyle Collective: $2.25

I honestly didn’t expect to make a single dollar this month or many months to come. So this is a welcomed surprise.

TOTAL: $5.25 

Where I stand for my first-month blogging- March: $-17.70

Overall I’m happy with my first month of blogging. I spent a lot of time on this blog, and I hope to see continued growth.

Time spent: Over 40 hours a week

This includes customizing my blog, applying for affiliate programs, social media, writing, and research. March was my first full month of blogging. I started in February but it wasn’t something I did daily, and I was just getting into it. So my first month of blogging full time was March.


Advice: If you are just starting your blog your first month blogging the hardest part. You have to learn, make mistakes, and grow. Don’t give up.

Anything you want me to add to this report? Let me know!