You’ve seen the app on your device store, but is it worth the time and effort? Here’s an in-depth Ibotta Review to help you make that decision.


Anytime I search for coupons on my App Store I always come across Ibotta. At first glance, it seems like a great alternative to tradition coupons. Who has time to go through every ad and cut individual coupons? NOT ME.




At first Glance, I like the layout. It seems functional and easy to navigate.



After the sign-up process you a greeted with the latest offers on their homepage. As you can see you will get a dollar amount back after the purchase of a specific product.  It’s great if you were already looking to purchase that product anyways.




Find the offers you would like to redeem just click the “plus sign” to add them to your “My Offers” tab. Here you will find all of the offers you’re interested in purchasing. Next, you purchase those “offers” at your go to store. Lastly, you upload your receipt to redeem your offers and earn the advertised amount of cash back on that particular item. Pretty simple. Chances are your store will be on the list of retailers with Ibotta. Ibotta states on their website that they have cash back offers at 500,00 locations and over 300 retail chains.

They even offer great cash back options on sign up deals: Such as Sams Club, Aaptiv, Amazon, and more.


Some of the popular retail chains include Target, Walmart, Kroger, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Whole Foods, Wegmans, and Trader Joes.




Other ways to earn through Ibotta include: Linking a loyalty card and mobile App purchases. Linking your loyalty card is a great way to avoid keeping them in your wallet taking up space. Just link it to your Ibotta account to free up space and earn some cash back.

You can also earn by Mobile In-App purchases. You can earn with partners such as; Groupon, eBay,,, Boxed, iTunes, and more.


Add people to your “Team” to earn bonuses. You can also buy a featured product and complete specified tasks to earn. Lastly, invite your friends. Each friend that signs up with Ibotta will give you $5. If four of your friends sign up you get a $20 bonus (for a limited time).

Sign up now with this link to earn your $10 welcome bonus! We could all use an extra $10!





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Time to redeem: you can cash out with PayPal, Venmo, or receive gift cards! Minimum amount to cash out is $20!


Ibotta Review, here’s the verdict:



Easy to use

Nice Layout

Lots of ways to earn cash back

Cash out with PayPal instead of only redeeming gift cards.

Use your coupons at checkout to save even more money.



A couple of retailers I shop at are not accepted with Ibotta (Commissary)

Would I recommend Ibotta? Yes, it’s a great alternative to traditional coupons. I also like that I can go back later to redeem an offer I purchased (within the specified timeframe).

Will you get rich? NO, but you can definitely earn real cash back on purchases you would already make.

If you wanna give Ibotta a try click here to sign up. You’ll get a free $10 get you started! *for a limited time only.




Do you use Ibotta? I’d love to know how your experience has been!