Swagbucks, I’m sure you’ve heard of it. I’m sure your here because your curious about how it works. Well, I was too and here’s how it went for me the day I signed up.¬†Keep reading for day one of my Swagbucks Review.

The signup process was quick and easy, and the layout was easy to navigate.



As you can see from the above picture, there are multiple ways to earn. You will find some of the most popular ways on your homepage. If you look on the sidebar, shown above you can find other ways to earn such as; Shop (similar to Ebates), Watch, Answer, Discover, Search, and Play.


SHOP: You can earn X amount of Swagbucks per dollar spent at each of the retailers listed on Swagbucks. So if you were going to purchase something from Amazon you could go Swagbucks, click their links and make your purchase to earn Swagbucks.

Example (Using the picture above): You spend $100 on Amazon, in return, you will receive 300 Swagbucks. *Depending on the purchase.


Watch: Watch videos or a series of videos to earn Swagbucks. This is probably the easiest way to earn in my opinion.

swagbucks review

swagbucks review

Answer: Complete surveys to earn Swagbucks. This one is more time consuming but it can pay off. I only completed a handful of surveys on day 1. NOTE: The amount of Swagbucks in blue is not the guaranteed payout. You will earn at least one for attempting the survey (in most cases). You can also do the limited time only Gold Surveys to earn more.


Discover: You can sign up with a variety of companies and earn Swagbucks this way also. It’s nice you always wanted to try a specific company or product, or even a website.

swagbucks review

Search: Heres another simple way to earn Swagbucks. Use them to search the web. On my first search, I earned 20 Swagbucks, not bad I’d say.


Play: Play a variety of games to earn Swagbucks, on some you have to spend money on the game to earn Swagbucks. If you’re into games this is the perfect opportunity for you.


Another great way to earn is the To Do List. Just go to each of the categories above and complete them to earn bonus Swagbucks. It’s pretty simple and doesn’t take too much time to complete.


You can also enter in the Swago contest and Sweepstakes to earn even more Swagbucks. When I tried to enter Swago, it was unavailable but I’ve posted the rules and information about it in the photos below. Sweepstakes:¬†I’m usually turned off by the word sweepstakes but for the sake of this review I’ve decided to put all of my Swagbucks into the Sweepstakes to see if it pays off.

swagbucks review

swagbucks review

Like I said, for the sake of this review I spent all of my Swagbucks on the Sweepstakes: I had a total of 52 Swagbucks that I earned for my first day and here’s what Sweepstakes I entered and the number of entries I got. I’ll do another review to update the results of my Sweepstakes entries.

Now let’s get down to redeem your rewards. Each Swagbucks is worth $.01, the minimum amount to redeem your Swagbucks is $3.

Here’s a quick view of the Redemption page. Some of the gift cards are on sale, so you will receive more for your Swagbucks.


Swagbucks Review, here’s the verdict:


Easy to use

Nice Layout

Lots of options to earn


The payout isn’t that much however, it’s easy money.

Would I recommend Swagbucks? Yes, it’s nice to earn a little cash on the side.

Will you get rich? NO, sorry but you won’t. If that were the case I wouldn’t be writing this Swagbucks review. I would be on Swagbucks 24/7.

If you wanna give Swagbucks a try click here to sign up. You’ll get a free $3 (300 Swagbucks) to get you started! *For the month of March 2018.

Do you have a Swagbucks review you’d like to share? Or an experience? Let us know