I get it, we all have our habits and little things that we really don’t mind spending money on. I love my COFFEE, and splurging here and there. Have you ever wondered how much those habits cost you?



What are your habits? Some of the most common are; fast food, cigarets, and buying unnecessary items.



I know this one is hard to break, especially for those who’ve been smoking for a long time. Smoking is not only bad for your health but also your wallet. How much are cigarets? Well, it depends on where you live. Here in Hawaii, it’s almost $10 for a pack of cigarets (Crazy I know, but in Pennsylvania, they are almost $12 a pack). So let’s use the average price of $8 per pack and you buy 3 packs per week. That’s $24 each week, and $96 each month. GRAND TOTAL: $1152/YEAR



Or should I say Starbucks! I LOVE my coffee, I try to not to buy one each day and make it at home. If you bought a $6 coffee three times a week that would be $18 each week, and $72 a month.  GRAND TOTAL: $864/YEAR habits that cost



Fast Food

Our go to after a long day! No one wants to cook after work, they would rather go home and catch up on their DVR shows and relax. If your meal is $12 and you eat out three times per week that costs $36 each week. That’s $144 each month for one person. Imagine spending money on a family of four eating out 3 times per week! That comes out to $576 per month for a family of four. GRAND TOTAL FOR ONE: $1728/YEAR OR GRAND TOTAL FOR A FAMILY OF FOUR: $6912/YEAR


Unnecessary Items

How many time have you went to the store and something just caught your eye and you think, “I need that!” Now you don’t even know where that item is, or it’s just sitting somewhere covered in dust. How much money could you save if you only bought the necessities? Quite a bit! If you spent $100 a week on unnecessary items that comes to $400 a month. GRAND TOTAL: $4800

Some other examples of habits that cost you include: alcohol, buying gas station snacks, and using your credit card when you can’t afford to do so. What are the habits that cost you money? We all have them, it’s just important to be conscious of them.


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