Have you heard of the Acorns app? I’ve seen lots of reviews on this app but not many who’ve used it first hand. So I decided to give it a try. I set up my account a year ago and have a total account value of $585.13. Keep reading for my personal opinion of the Acorns app.

How does Acorns work?  Acorns is an app that builds up a savings account for you. It rounds up to the nearest dollar and then puts that amount into your Acorns account. For example; You go to Starbucks and your coffee costs $6.55, it rounds up to $7.00 and puts that $.45 into your account.


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Note: you have to option to round-up to a lesser amount, you can round-up to $.50 if you would like. You can also put a multiplier on your roundups by 2x, 3x, or even 10x.



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As you can see my account value from roundups is $497.75 So how did I get a value of $585.13? Acorns invest your money in stocks and bonds, so you have to potential to increase your savings account dependent on the stock market. So this could either work for or against you. Also, you can use “Found Money” to increase your balance as well as one time investments (you can find more information on this below). All this brings my total balance to $585.13




 $585.13 isn’t bad for rounding up some change here and there. These Round ups add up each month, but you can also choose how much you want to contribute to your account. Right now I use the minimum option of $5 a month. You can choose whatever works best for you and your budget. Also, you have the option of making a one-time investment of however much you like.





You can also choose how you would like to diversify your portfolio between the following options: Conservative, Moderately Conservative, Moderate, Moderately Aggressive, or Aggressive. I currently use the aggressive method. This is a great option to get involved in the stock market. Another great benefit of Acorns is that they don’t charge trade fees.



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Here’s a break down on each method:

Conservative: invests in a majority of corporate and government bonds *80% combined. 12% in Large Co. stocks, 2% in both small company stocks and real estate stocks, and 4% in international large Co. Stocks.


Moderately Conservative: invests in 60% corporate and government bonds and 24% Large Co. stocks, 4% in both small company stocks and real estate stocks, and 8% in International Large Co. stocks.


Moderate: Invests 40% into corporate and government bonds and 29% Large-company stocks, 10% in small company stocks, and 6% real estate stocks, and 8% in 12% International Large Co. stocks. This category also puts 3% into emerging stock markets.


Moderately Aggressive: invests 20% into corporate and government bonds and 38% in Large Co. stocks, 14% in small company stocks, 4% in emerging stocks, 8% in real estate stocks, and 16% in International Large Co. stocks.


Aggressive: invests 40% in Large Co. stocks, 20% in small company stocks, 10% in emerging stocks, 10% in real estate stocks, and 20% in International Large Co. stocks.


Here is the dollar amount invested in each stock category.



Here you can see the number of shares owned of each stock.


Fees: $1 a month for accounts with less than $5,000 or .25% of the balance on accounts over $5,000 per year. For more information about fees, you can click HERE.



Another option to grow your account balance is by using “Found Money” which is very similar to Ebates. The % or amount that you see listed next to each company puts that amount or percent of your purchase into your Acorns account.



The projected value tool is a great way to see how your account could grow over years to come. You can update the recurring investments to see how it will affect your future balance.



Acorns also share tips on investing, saving, and more. We could all use some tips on that!



Who is Acorns for? I personally believe that Acorns would be great for someone who struggles with saving. Also, those who want to begin investing but aren’t sure how to get started. If you want to give Acorns a try click HERE to sign up. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.