Want all of that beautiful makeup you see at Sephora? ME TOO! However, my wallet cries every time I look inside those big glass windows.


Luckily I’ve found a way to purchase the make up I want without breaking the bank.. here’s how!





Look for bundles

The Sephora Favorites bundles pack a lot a bang for your buck. You get to try all of those great (expensive) designer names for a minimal amount of money! That’s great, who wants to spend $30 on a lipstick and end up not liking it. Sephora also has a great deal on their perfume. If you buy the Sephora Favorite Perfume Sampler you get to try multiple fragrances and buy the one you love. They also have these for men’s cologne! It’s the perfect gift for all the special men in your life.  Best of all, it’s free with the voucher provided inside the box.



Sephora Favorites Superstars Kit

perfume sampler

Sephora Favorites Perfume Sampler

sephora favorites

Sephora Favorites Cologne Sampler




Find Dupes


Those beautiful shades of eyeshadow, lipstick, and blush can most likely be duped. Look around at your local drugstore, online, and in your own personal collection. While the quality may be a little less than perfect it will save you a few bucks.


Shop Sales


Best time to buy makeup at Sephora and Ulta? Black Friday! Those prices will be slashed drastically (on some items) or you can find killer bundle deals. If you don’t want to fight the crowd, shop cyber Monday…. in your pajamas. 

Believe it or not, Sephora does have some pretty good sale items! They actually have pages of sales products (which you can find HERE). Some discounts are as much as 50% off!

Here’s a snapshot of some of their discounts to get an idea!



Store Brand


When you go to the grocery store you often see store brand products that cost significantly less than the competitor’s brands. They are almost always the same quality! Same goes for makeup. When you shop store brand products you often get great quality at a lower price point! 

Here are 2 of the biggest and best store brand makeup products available:

Sephora Collection: With the Sephora collection you can find an array of quality products such as; makeup, face masks, bath and body, fragrance, and tools!

Ulta Collection: The Ulta Collection offers the same array of products as Sephora, the only difference is you can usually find cheaper priced items. 


Shop Online


Not only is shopping online convenient, it can also save you gas and earn you free samples! I also recommend using RetailMeNot for promo codes with Sephora and Ulta, you can get some pretty decent freebies with their promo codes. You may be thinking that you’re not saving because you have to pay for shipping, however, if you meet the minimum free shipping requirement you pay nothing for shipping. 

Ulta Free Shipping Requirement: $50

Sephora Free Shipping Requirement: $50 OR Sign up for FLASH 2 Day shipping for just $10.95 a year with no minimum purchase requirement. You can also sign up for the FLASH 1 Day shipping for $16.95 per year.


While it’s tempting to buy the latest makeup on the market, your budget may prevent that. Try these and still have a GREAT makeup collection. 🙂