Looking to save a few bucks each month? Aren’t we all? Here are 50 easy ways to keep some money in your pocket!



50 ways to save money




Here you have it! 50 Easy ways to SAVE MONEY!






  1. Coupon: We’ve all heard about coupons. You’ve seen them in the mail, in the store, your mom used them, and they even came in the Sunday paper. These days you can even print them online. You can find a great list of coupons and more here. 
  2. Money Saving Apps: These are much more popular these days than traditional coupons. You can use, Ibotta, Checkout 51, Berry Cart, and MORE. You can find other ways to save on groceries here.
  3. Thrift Store: You can find some pretty good deals at your local thrift stores. Some bigger name stores received items from Target, Walmart, etc.
  4. Sales: Most stores have sales from time to time. Look for ads at your local stores to save some cash.
  5. Black Friday: NO ONE wants to go out shopping after eating their Thanksgiving feast, I get it. However, you could find some killer deals.
  6. Buy marked down meat: This is great for those with a deep freezer. Freeze your meat and save it for later, sometimes you can find meat half off.
  7. Buy frozen fruit: I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought fresh fruit and forgot about. It goes bad so quickly that we often end up throwing it away. I may as well throw my money in the garbage. It’s easier and cheaper to just buy it frozen.
  8. Stop eating out: Eating out occasionally is okay, however, it’s expensive for this to be something done daily. You get so much more for your money at the grocery store. Plus, you can get creative and come up with your own recipes.
  9. Get rid of cable: We all love our TV shows, but there are other options. Instead of paying $60 a month for cable look into the Amazon Fire Stick, or Sling TV. If you’re interested in Sling TV you can sign up for a free 7-day trial here.
  10. Ebates: Get money back for purchases you would make anyway. You don’t have to do anything special. Just go to Ebates and choose the retailer you are looking to purchase from. You will see a percentage under the retailer’s logo letting you know how much cash back you can expect. Click on the retailer’s icon and you will be directed to their website. Just make your purchase like you normally would, and get cash back. Sign up today and get a $10 bonus!
  11. Cut back water use: Turn off the water when you’re not using it. This will help the environment and lower your bill.
  12. Lower your internet speed: If you don’t NEED the quickest internet speed available, don’t get it. You should be able to lower your internet speed at any time to lower your bill *Depending on your provider.
  13. Stop buying your daily coffee: We all have our guilty pleasures, just try to be frugal and treat yourself every so often, not daily.
  14. Grow your own fruits and vegetables: This could save loads of money after your initial investment of seeds, soil, and other necessities.
  15. Pay off your credit card balances: Stop paying interest on your credit cards. Pay them off each month to earn rewards and save on paying unnecessary interest.save money
  16. Buy off brand items: Buy the store brand items to save a few extra bucks on items. It adds up quickly.
  17. Make your own laundry detergent: Pinterest has a lot of great ideas on making your own laundry detergent.
  18. Yard sales: If you haven’t had a yard/garage sale before you’ve surely seen them. It’s a great way to find some great deals. It’s also a great way to earn some extra cash while also decluttering. You could put the money towards bills or savings.
  19. Buy a used vehicle vs. new: We’ve all heard it, “Your vehicle depreciates as soon as you drive it off the lot”, it true. Buy a vehicle that’s already depreciated.
  20. Change your own oil: If you don’t know how to change your oil, learn. The cost to have someone do it cost anywhere from $30 to $60.
  21. Keep up with maintenance on your car: Letting the maintenance on your car go can result in some costly repairs. If you keep up with it now you can save loads later.
  22. Stop renewing your Sams or Costco membership if you don’t use it, or don’t get your return back.
  23. Meal Prep: Meal prepping is a great way to avoid eating out. If your food is already prepared you’re less likely to eat out.
  24. Stop paying someone to mow your lawn:
  25. Price match: You’ve seen the ads, “We price match.” Take advantage of this and save a few extra bucks. *At select retailers.
  26. Used textbooks: If you don’t NEED new textbooks for access codes, just get the used one. Sometimes even the previous edition can be used. Just be sure to check with your professor first. You can also rent textbooks through sites like Chegg, or Amazon.
  27. Wash your own car: Don’t pay $12 or more each time you need a car wash. Bring out the water hose, soap, and the kids and have some fun doing it yourself. There is nothing better than saving money and enjoying time with your kids.
  28. Buy frozen vegetables: Just like buying fresh fruits, the same goes for fresh vegetables. Buy them frozen if you’re often throwing out your vegetables.
  29. Turn your AC off or down when you leave: Don’t leave the AC running when no one is home. Another idea would be to investing a thermostat with a timer so it automatically changes the temperature when you leave. Eventually, it will pay for itself.
  30. Go to the library instead of buying books: Stop buying books, they eventually pile up and you donate them. That’s money down the drain. Instead, go to your local library. Most of the time if they don’t have a book in stock you can request it.
  31. Rent movies vs. buying them: Let’s be realistic for a moment. How many times do you actually watch the movies you buy? Once, maybe twice? Just rent the movie instead of buying it. You’ll save money and space in your home.
  32. Facebook sales pages for used items (i.e, furniture)
  33. Lower your phone bill (if you can) check out ways to do so “here”.
  34. Cook, stop eating out: We all know that eating out drains your bank account! Cook at home. If you must eat out, check out this post: How to Save Money Eating Out. 
  35. Stop the habits that cost you, more on that here: Cigarets, coffee, alcohol, fast food, all of the habits can add up quickly.
  36. Pack your kids lunch instead of buying: Packing your kids a PB & J is definitely a lot cheaper than paying for lunch daily, that they probably don’t like anyways.
  37. Mow your own lawn: Stop paying for your lawn care, you can save up to $100 each month (or more) by doing it yourself.
  38. Buy used appliances: A great way to save some cash. You can find some great deals at local appliance stores. Most of the time they still look new.
  39. Use cloth diapers instead of disposable: I know, some people aren’t into this. But if it doesn’t bother you it’s a great way to save some money
  40. Use your gift cards you have laying around: We all get them for Christmas, and to be honest, I usually forget about mine. So why not save some money and use those gift cards.
  41. If you shop online often, invest in Amazon Prime: If you’re always paying for shipping and you don’t have Amazon Prime, you should. Students save 50% on their memberships. It’s a great way to save on shipping, and they also offer a number of other benefits. You can also shop on deal sites like Living Social, or Groupon
  42. Get rid of satellite radio: You can use Amazon Music and listen to anything you want to, at anytime. If you have Amazon Prime you can use it for free with your membership.
  43. Shop around for gas prices: You can download apps these days to help you save money on gas. Compare gas prices in your area to help save money filling up your tank.
  44. Bring your lunch to work: We’ve been over it time and time again. Eating out cost SO MUCH MONEY. Save that money and bring your lunch, not only will it help you save money it will most likely help with eating better also.
  45. Car Pool: Alternate with your co-workers when it comes to driving. It gives everyone a break and helps everyone save on gas.
  46. BeFrugal: Similar to Ebates, you can earn a percentage of cash back with your online purchases. You can get a $10 bonus just for signing up here.
  47. Do your own nails: Instead of going to the nail salon, do your own nails. It’s a great way to save $50 a month.
  48. Save your change: Believe it or not, saving up all that change adds up quickly. Back in the day, we would fill up 5-gallon water bottles with a ton of change. Well, times have changed. You don’t have to have all that change lying around anymore and bring it into your nearest Coinstar machine. You can now use Acorns to save your change. You can read my full review of the Acorns App here.
  49. Don’t go grocery shopping while hungry!
  50. Stop buying on impulse: You see something you like and think, “I’ve got to have this!” Don’t do it! Wait, sleep on it. Ask yourself these 3 questions: 1. Can I afford this? 2. Do I need this? 3. Am I actually going to use this?



Thanks for checking out my 50 Ways to Save Money!
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