Planning on having a baby soon? Wondering how much money you need to get started with that bundle of joy? Here’s a breakdown of the cost to have a baby during the first year.

These products are the average priced item or the most popular item on the market at the moment. I’ve notated the necessity of each item below.




Crib $182.00: PERSONAL PREFERENCE. The staple baby item! Everyone who’s expecting their first baby automatically thinks they MUST buy a crib. Truth is, cribs don’t actually get used that often. Most parents keep their new baby in their bedroom because face it, who wants to walk down the hall at 3 AM for a feeding? A nice alternative is a Bassinet to keep in your room until they get a little older. Or, you could use a portable crib, also known as a Pack N’ Play.

Mattress $67.00: DEPENDS. If you’re buying a crib, don’t forget about the additional cost of a mattress.

Changing Table $215.00: PERSONAL PREFERENCE. Again, this item isn’t actually necessary. It’s nice to have a designated area to change the baby but to be honest, you’ll be changing diapers all over the place.

Rocking Chair $320.00: NICE TO HAVE. Great for those sleepless nights to help get your baby to sleep or for breastfeeding mothers.

Baby Monitor $230.00: NICE TO HAVE. While you may not use the monitor if your baby sleeps in your room at night you may need it for daytime naps. It’s nice to have peace of mind if your baby is sleeping in another room.

Blankets $25.00: A MUST. Your baby will get cold, be sure not to let baby sleep with blanket though, it could be a suffocation hazard. I prefer muslin blankets due to being thin and versatile.

Clothes $500.00: A MUST. Unless your baby will be sporting diapers 24/7.



Hygiene Kit 20.00: A MUST. In a hygiene kit, you will get medicine dispensers, nail clippers, emery boards, a nose sucker( not politically correct, I know), brushes, and more. All hygiene kits differ.

Diaper bag $55.00: A MUST. A diaper bag is great for those day trips to the park, run errands, or wherever else you plan on going. You can throw your diapers, wipes, bottles, and more in there.

Car Seat $350.00: THE BIGGEST MUST. Your new baby has to have a car seat in order to leave the hospital. You must also have your child strapped in anytime he/she is in the vehicle.

Stroller $220.00: NICE TO HAVE. It’s nice to have a stroller for jogging or just going out and about. If you don’t want a stroller you can opt for a Baby Carrier instead.

Nursery Decor $275.00: NOT NECESSARY. But looks nice.

Swing $210.00 NICE TO HAVE. If your baby likes to be rocked to sleep it’s nice to have a baby swing so you don’t have to sit up rocking your baby. It comes in handy when you have other things to get done.

Diapers $625.00 A MUST. Need I say more?

Wipes $14.00 A MUST.

Formula* $2000.00 DEPENDS. If you’re not breastfeeding then the formula is a must. Remember, breastfeeding not only saves money but it’s best for your baby.

Bottles $100.00 DEPENDS. A must if you’re formula feeding. Also nice for the breastfeeding mother to get some help (if they’re pumping).

Bottle Warmer $65.00 NOT NECESSARY.

Bibs $20.00 NICE TO HAVE. Most baby’s slobber or spit up, so it’s nice to have in order to protect baby clothes from getting wet, or dirty from baby food.

Burp Clothes  $25.00 NICE TO HAVE. To protect your clothes and wipe your babies face after a feeding.

Teether $8.00 NICE TO HAVE. For your teething baby to reduce pain.

Baby Toys $100.00 A MUST. Will help your baby with learning/development and keeping him or her occupied.

Shoes $55.00 NECESSARY. When your baby starts walking.

Baby Proofing Supplies $150.00 NECESSARY. For safety reasons, you don’t want you child sticking objects in the outlet.

Breast Pump $116.00 NICE TO HAVE. For breastfeeding mom. When mom needs help it’s nice to have breast milk/pump on hand.

Walker $85.00 NICE TO HAVE. Helps baby become more mobile and learn to walk.

Bouncer $60.00 NICE TO HAVE. Good for babies who can’t support their heads yet, you can set this in different areas of the house to get things done.

 Baby Bath Tub $15.00 NOT NECESSARY: You could use the sink or purchase a baby bathtub, it’s really personal preference.

Soaps/Lotions $70.00: A MUST. We all need soap. 

Baby Carrier $118.00 NICE TO HAVE. I love using a baby carrier at the mall in order to avoid the lines at the elevator.

Pack N’ Play $271.00 NICE TO HAVE.  Great to use while traveling or in place of a crib.

Bassinet $160.00 NICE TO HAVE. This is great if your baby is sleeping in your room at night.

Mobile $50.00 NOT NECESSARY. It’s nice for baby to look at but some people don’t wanna spend $50.00 on one, which is understandable.

Highchair $300.00: NICE TO HAVE. Once your baby starts eating baby food things can get messy. So it’s nice to have a designated area for baby to eat.

Utensils $20.00 NECESSARY. Your baby will need smaller utensils designed specifically for them. So it’s something you should get.

Sippy Cups $40.00 NECESSARY. Once your baby stops drinking from a bottle (around age 1) you will NEED sippy cups.

Plates and Bowls $40.00 NOT NECESSARY, these aren’t necessary.

Breast milk storage bags $100.00: DEPENDS: If you’re pumping, yes you need storage bags.

Baby Towels $50.00 NICE TO HAVE. These are nice for the baby because some have hoods on them. Also nice if you use a specialty detergent for baby clothes.

Pacifiers $15.00: PERSONAL PREFERENCE.

Diaper Pail and Refills $150.00: NOT NECESSARY: It’s great to have in the baby room but if you aren’t changing your baby in his or her room, you don’t really need one.


GRAND TOTAL: $7491.00 for all things listed. 

*NOTE: Those who exclusively breastfeed will save an average of $2000 per year. Which would bring the total to $5491.00

*Don’t forget the cost of healthcare for your new bundle of joy as well.

Is there anything else a baby needs during his or her first year? Let us know!



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